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About me

Multiple items of memorabilia and souvenirs from visitor centres of brands all over the world such as branded bags, tour guides, maps, tasting glasses, baseball bats, lanyards, candles, whisky and tickets.

I’m a designer, consultant, explorer, writer and storyteller, who has been lucky enough to work in the brand home/visitor centre market for many years. 

I've travelled to, and consulted on, visitor experiences for brands across many industries.

I am sharing with you some of my case studies, that explore how effectively brands communicate with their customers through their visitor centres, tours, experiences, stores and museums.

I hope this will give you inspiration for your travels.

I am not paid to visit these brands. I pay for my own ticket and I give genuine, balanced reviews and insights, based on my own experience and research.


We're all different, so your experience will not be the same as mine and I do encourage you to go and make up your own mind. And remember, what happens on one day, does not always happen the next, which makes each experience unique.


You never know what you're going to find or learn, and that is part of the joy.


​This has become a real passion and I am loving every minute of the adventure.

Four Zeros Design

If you want to know more about my design consultancy then feel free to check out the

Four Zeros Design website or contact me.

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Trends and Insights

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